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Early morning travels. I’m easily the prettiest person at this airport 💁.

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All of this and the fact that it’s cats makes me happy :)

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Who wants to give me $600 so I can fly home for one of my best friends funerals? I couldn’t live with myself it I didn’t go. Why are flights so expensive?😭😭😭

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It’s almost 5:30am I can’t sleep because I am so sick to my stomach. My nerves have gotten the best of me. I am also sitting here trying to figure out how I am going to afford the $600 plane ticket I need to fly to North Carolina tomorrow to attend one of my best friends funerals. No one should have to deal with this kind of stress :[.

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I have the heaviest heart after losing one of my best friends. I am having the hardest time accepting he is gone. I have cried so much since last night & I know there are more tears to come. I am trying so hard to just think of all the amazing times we had because there are so many. That’s just so hard to do when I am so overwhelmed with the sadness that those are the only memories we will ever make together again.

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Let me tell you something pathetic. I was so sad last night but I couldn’t cry. Why? Because I got a spray tan & didn’t want to mess it up while it was developing. If you know me, you know I’m emotional so not crying was tough. I just turned on Clueless & tried to focus on positive things. All that for the sake of looking good. Hahahha don’t judge me.

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you’re trying to take a picture? let me ruin it for you !!!

cats are a gift

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im pretty sure that no one even loves me a little

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hey i heard u like bad girls, i dont mean to brag or anything but im really really bad. at everything.

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